Getting a professional opinion before buying a second hand car

If you are considering buying a second hand car from a private dealer, but have minimal knowledge regarding the mechanics of cars, you may want to think about hiring a professional to inspect the vehicle before you make the purchase. You can easily find second hand cars for sale from private sellers on many buying and selling platforms, such as EBay, Gumtree, Auto Trader and many more. Many private sellers are looking for a quick sale, and can sometimes not be 100% truthful regarding any issues with their vehicle. Many mechanics offer a call out inspection service for a reasonable price, they can check over the car and offer their... Read More »

Fix a punctured tyre from nail damage

You can fix a puncture tyre from nail damage by yourself, and we’ll tell you the 5 simple steps to have your tyre in perfect shape again. First of all, you need the following tools: plug, rubber cement, car jack, knife, pliers, reamer and socket. Remove the tyre from the car by the use of jack and pull out the nail from the tyre by the use of pliers. Use the reamer to ream the hole from where you pull out the nail. Do not ream with excessive force because you can make the hole bigger than it was before. Now to get good result, insert the plug and use... Read More »

Choosing between an automatic and a manual car.

Choosing between a manual and automatic car can be a very difficult task. The price of the car is probably the most important criterion for most of us when purchasing a new one. Usually automatic cars are more expensive than manual transmission ones. Most drivers say that an automatic car is extremely comfortable and easy to drive. The driver can enjoy the drive without having to worry that he would have to push the clutch when changing gears or hold it at a red lights stop. There are some technical issues you also have to consider. A manual transmission car accelerates easier than an automatic and the gears can be... Read More »

Tips to consider when choosing your first car

Choosing your first car can be a thrilling experience. It can also be exasperating, especially if you aren’t sure what you are looking for. Decide what your budget is and don’t go over it. Don’t even look at cars that are over your budget. If you set your heart on a car that is thousands over your budget, you’ll only be frustrated when you have to start looking at less expensive cars again and they pale in comparison to the expensive car you were eyeing. Avoid buying a car simply because you like the way it looks. Make sure that you know what is under the hood is functional. Take... Read More »

Tread ready for festive season.

With those frosty mornings soon approaching and that dreading freezing hand after scraping the ice from your vehicle windows, well that is the least of you worries of you have not prepared your tyres for the icy cold season ahead. Making sure your tyres are ready for those unpredictable icy or snowy conditions. Checking the tread is at least 3mm, as a bold tyre will only cause accidents and reduce the friction needed for breaking. A good tip is to rotate you tyres, helping them to last longer so they get an even wear to them, buying you an extra few miles. If the blistery weather warnings are apparent, getting... Read More »