Why choose a Hybrid vehicle

Hybrid vehicles are becoming more popular over recent years, and there are many benefits to owning one yourself. Standard hybrid cars use electric to supply power to the acceleration, while they often feature a system called regenerative braking where the energy produced during braking is then used to charge the battery. Some vehicles also run only on electrical power during shorter journeys.If you’re trying to be eco-friendly, driving a car that emits less pollution than a typical vehicle is a great start.The ability to drive on just electrical power for a few journeys may mean you enjoy an improved fuel economy, saving you some money.Buying a hybrid vehicle is often... Read More »

Run Flat Tyres – What Are They?

You may have heard of Run flat tyres in the past, wondering what they were. Well here is your chance to find out! Run flat tyres are specially designed to keep working for a short while even after they suffer a puncture. So if you get a puncture on a cold, dark night, in the middle of nowhere, there’s no need for an uncomfortable roadside tyre change – you should be able to safely drive home (as long as the puncture isn’t major) or to your nearest garage to get your tyre changed. Run flat tyres also reduce the dangers of a potentially dangerous tyre blow out due to their... Read More »

The Design Of A Tesla

When you look at all the electric vehicles on the market today, they all look the same. Which is to say, not exactly beautiful. Most are squat, ugly hatchbacks with some odd design feature or accent. None have the smooth look of the Model S or the capacity for a surprise like the Model X. The forthcoming Model 3 has been criticised as being the ugliest of Tesla’s three vehicles. But that hasn’t stopped nearly a half million people from forking over their money in a deposit to reserve one. Electric cars are still very much in their infancy. Though they enjoy blanket media coverage, the EV market still has... Read More »

Would you ever go back to a manual car?

Automatic transition vehicles have come a long way in recent years, so much so that many people do not believe it makes sense to choose manual gears. When you have a manual vehicle you’re constantly changing the gears and slowly releasing the clutch to pull off. When you drive an automatic, you only use two pedals rather than three, whilst you never need to take your hands off the steering wheel. This means it’s an easier, more comfortable and relaxing ride, especially on a long journey, so why would you really ever go back to a manual after an automatic? Well, some people do like control over their gears, and if... Read More »

How to safely secure heavy and large loads for transit

If you’re considering moving house in the near future or are planning a bit of a spring clean, then you may want to think carefully about the equipment you’re going to need to secure heavy and large loads. Some people would rather pay a professional mover to carry out the work, but others are willing to take the task on with their own two hands, which we’ll be discussing in more detail in this article.