Fix a punctured tyre from nail damage

You can fix a puncture tyre from nail damage by yourself, and we’ll tell you the 5 simple steps to have your tyre in perfect shape again.

  • First of all, you need the following tools: plug, rubber cement, car jack, knife, pliers, reamer and socket.
  • Remove the tyre from the car by the use of jack and pull out the nail from the tyre by the use of pliers.
  • Use the reamer to ream the hole from where you pull out the nail. Do not ream with excessive force because you can make the hole bigger than it was before.
  • Now to get good result, insert the plug and use the rubber cement for covering the plug and the tip of the tool.
  • Now it is time to insert the plug into the hole and cut off the remaining plug or leave it to wear away after several drives.

Fit the tyre on once more and that’s it. Job done.