Are your brakes working correctly?

It is very important to check your vehicles road safety on a regular basis, and one of those checks should be the condition of the brake pads. You may notice some changes to your car that could indicate your brake pads need changing.

The first sign of a problem with vehicle brake pads tends to be a noticeable sound, such as a squeaking when the brake is pressed. You may have heard your brakes squeak during wet weather conditions, however this squeaking will continue to occur in dry conditions too if the pads are worn out. Replacing your brake pads at this stage is best, as they should not have caused any further damage to our car.

Grinding brakes is a much more serious issue, as your brake pads are likely to be completely worn and the grinding sound is metal on metal when the brake is applied. Damage to your brake disc can be a more complicated issue to resolve and a lot costlier too. Grinding of your brakes not only puts risk to the safety of your vehicle it also poses risk of shattering your brake disc altogether.