Choosing between an automatic and a manual car.

Choosing between a manual and automatic car can be a very difficult task. The price of the car is probably the most important criterion for most of us when purchasing a new one. Usually automatic cars are more expensive than manual transmission ones.
Most drivers say that an automatic car is extremely comfortable and easy to drive. The driver can enjoy the drive without having to worry that he would have to push the clutch when changing gears or hold it at a red lights stop.
There are some technical issues you also have to consider. A manual transmission car accelerates easier than an automatic and the gears can be shifted easier manually, while for the automatic it takes more time to get from an inferior gear to a superior one.
All sports cars use manual transmissions so the driver has total control over the car and can decide on his own when to change gears. However, when having to drive each day in a crowded city it may be better to opt for an automatic car.