How to choose the right car for you

When it comes to buying your own car, you may be hit with so many different options, making it hard to choose the right car for you. Buying your own car should be a fun and exciting process, that’s why we have broken down some things to consider before you buy:

Automatic or manual- the transmission of the car is really down to preference and what you feel comfortable driving. Automatics are known to be smoother and a little easier to drive, while some drivers prefer the control they have when driving a manual car.

Petrol or diesel- the fuel of your car may alter the power when it comes to engine size. A 1.8L diesel certainly has less power than a 1.8L petrol car. With recent changes to diesel vehicles within London and surrounding areas, many are choosing petrol when getting a new car.

2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive- this really depends on what you will be using your vehicle for, if you plan to go off-road then a 4WD is the better option for you. 2WD cars are perfect for family cars and to travel to and from work. If you live in an area that is likely to get snow then a 4WD may come in handy.