Is your car ready for the winter weather?

As the wintery weather is fast upon us, it is even more important to get your vehicle ready and prepared for those icy roads. As well as all the small changes from using antifreeze in your window fluid, you must check the most important items such as the tyres.

Tyres should be checked regularly all year round, however, during the winter it is good to have the optimum grip to avoid skidding on icy patches on the road. Tyres should have a tread of at least 3mm, any less than this and you increase the risk of accidents and your car is not safe to drive on the road. Not only can the police stop you but it can affect your stopping distance too.

Check your tyre pressures following the recommended pressures in your vehicle’s manual. This should be checked every two weeks or more frequently if you drive long distances. During snowy conditions you can let some pressure out of your tyres to improve grip, however, it is recommended to avoid driving in snowy conditions unless completely necessary.