Tread ready for festive season.

With those frosty mornings soon approaching and that dreading freezing hand after scraping the ice from your vehicle windows, well that is the least of you worries of you have not prepared your tyres for the icy cold season ahead.

Making sure your tyres are ready for those unpredictable icy or snowy conditions. Checking the tread is at least 3mm, as a bold tyre will only cause accidents and reduce the friction needed for breaking. A good tip is to rotate you tyres, helping them to last longer so they get an even wear to them, buying you an extra few miles.

If the blistery weather warnings are apparent, getting some winter tyres is a smart move, providing your vehicle with that extra grip it needs on the icy roads. Always remember to check you air pressures once a fortnight for safe measures.

Drive sate and follow these simple tips this winter season.