Getting the most out of your 4WD

Many 4 by 4-wheel drive owners do not put the cars 4WD to use, they simply keep the vehicle in 2-wheel high power mode as a standard road car. There is no problem with driving your car in 2WD if this is what you choose, 4-wheel drive cars were built and designed with the ability to drive on difficult surfaces such as sand, ice or even rocky ground so it’s always great to put them to the test.

Setting your vehicle up for 4WD mode can be different depending on your 4X4 model, some cars require the front wheels to be unlocked before shifting settings. 4WD vehicles usually have to 4-wheel drive options, 4WD high for faster driving, or 4WD low used in very difficult driving situations, such as a very icy road or up a sand dune.

It is always recommended that you familiarise yourself with your cars manual and take the training required to drive off road.