A well-maintained tyre will ensure you arrive home safely

Without tyres cars simply don’t work, so this is the main reason why you have to know how to maintain and take care of your tyres.

Poorly maintained tyres can lead to flats, premature wear and tear and even serious accidents. When inspecting a tyre there are certain important visual factors you as a driver should look at. Treads are very important because they offer friction for a vehicle to hold on the ground. A driver should also check out for over inflation and under inflation to ensure that it has enough pressure to protect it from damage, reducing the chances of the vehicle spinning out of control. Then of course, if you have too much pressure, the vehicle fuel consumption will be high.

A driver should also ensure the tyres are rotated, front tyres carry the most weight of a vehicle and this factor alone causes the front tyres to wear out twice as fast as the rear tyres. Rotation of the tyres can ensure even wearing and increase the lifetime.