The Design Of A Tesla

When you look at all the electric vehicles on the market today, they all look the same. Which is to say, not exactly beautiful. Most are squat, ugly hatchbacks with some odd design feature or accent. None have the smooth look of the Model S or the capacity for a surprise like the Model X. The forthcoming Model 3 has been criticised as being the ugliest of Tesla’s three vehicles. But that hasn’t stopped nearly a half million people from forking over their money in a deposit to reserve one.

Electric cars are still very much in their infancy. Though they enjoy blanket media coverage, the EV market still has yet to take off. Sales of electric cars represent just 1 per cent of the record 17.55 million cars sold last year in America. Look inside a Tesla, and the comparison to Apple definitely rings true. Granted, other manufacturers haven’t made as bold a move as to replace the centre instrument with a 17-inch touchscreen tablet.