Hybrid Powered Cars – Both Petrol and Electric Engines

Electric cars recently came into the UK market with the aim to solve everything to do with the limited supply of natural resources and oil. However, unfortunately the technology used along with the process of running an electric car, would generally not be able to fit in with the daily lifestyle and peoples job’s that we see today. For example, if you bought an electric car today, one of the latest miles, on a full charge you would only be able to get around 200-300 miles out of it, until, having to charge it up for 48 hours to replenish the spent energy.


This wait for many was really not a viable option, and therefore we have seen recently the combination of both hybrid (electric) powered engines working alongside a petrol powered engine. Even though this still doesn’t exactly solve the problem, it significantly increases the miles per gallon of the car to near 300+.